Threat of ‘lone wolf’ attack by radical young Islamists

The threat of ‘lone wolf’ attacks by radical young Islamists here has, for the first time, surpassed the threat from indigenous ‘republican’ terrorism, according to Garda sources.

The fact that the Gardai and Defence Forces take “very seriously” the threat of a murderous, suicidal attack by a radicalised young Muslim was flagged in June by Defence Minister Simon Coveney.

But now, security sources have confirmed to the Sunday Independent that the radicalisation of young Muslims here is regarded as far more serious an issue than so-called ‘dissident’ republicanism.

The main concern for Government, based on Garda and army intelligence briefings, is that Isil supporters are so nihilistic that they will carry out attacks here even though the Republic of Ireland is the one European State to have outlawed the ‘blasphemous’ depiction of Mohammed.

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