Hungarian police fire tear gas at aggressive migrants

Hungarian police have fired tear gas and water cannon at several hundred migrants and asylum seekers protesting at being unable to cross the border from Serbia.

“The crowd on the Serbian side became aggressive and threw stones, bottles and sticks at police on the Hungarian side and crossed the barrier at the border,” a police statement said.

Police called in reinforcements to handle the “aggressive” crowd and the barrier was “replaced by several ranks of police,” it said.

“The police is protecting the border of Hungary and the EU while respecting the law and the principle of proportionality,” it added.

An AFP reporter on the Serbian side said around 300 out of a group of 500 took part in the protest.

Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said that 277 people had entered Croatia today from Serbia after changing their route following Hungary’s closure of its border.

“The number is rising. At the moment, 277 people have entered Croatia from Serbia,” he told the national parliament.

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One Response to Hungarian police fire tear gas at aggressive migrants

  1. neofenian says:

    They turn aggressive because they are not getting what they want. How many countries did they travel through before they got to Hungary, countries they should have claimed asylum in. This proves they are economic migrants shopping for the best deal.


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