Thousands of migrants enter Croatia

Minister says migrants not seeking asylum in Croatia to be treated as illegal immigrants.

Croatia said on Thursday it could not take in any more migrants, amid chaotic scenes of riot police trying to control thousands who have streamed into the European Unioncountry from Serbia.

Interior minister Ranko Ostojic said Croatia would provide migrants with safe passage to reception centres around the capital, Zagreb, but that those not seeking asylum would be considered illegal immigrants. He said 6,500 had entered in the past 24 hours.

“Croatia will not be able to receive more people,” Mr Ostojic told reporters in the town of Tovarnik on Croatia‘s eastern border with Serbia.

“When we said corridors are prepared, we meant a corridor from Tovarnik to Zagreb,“ he added, suggesting Croatia would not be allowing migrants simply to proceed northwards to Slovenia.

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One Response to Thousands of migrants enter Croatia

  1. neofenian says:

    They are determined to get to Western Europe. This is nothing less that an invasion.


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