Egyptian working illegally for last two years

Man, who earns €500 per week fishing on an Irish trawler, has been working for two years.

An Egyptian fisherman working on an Irish trawler has been remanded on bail after he was charged with a breach of the immigration act when he appeared in court in CoCork.

Mohamed Elfallah (23) was charged with failing to produce a valid passport or equivalent identification documents at Union Hall pier in Co Cork on November 4th.

Gardaí were satisfied Mr Elfallah was who he said he was and they were also satisfied that he was living at a rental address at Calendar House, Bachelor’s Lane in Drogheda.

He said that in the circumstances gardaí had no objection to Mr Elfallah being released on bail. Mr Elfallah has been working in Ireland for two years as a fisherman.

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One Response to Egyptian working illegally for last two years

  1. neofenian says:

    Why does it take so long to catch these people. Regular checks are in order, that’s if the Government actually want to end illegal migrant workers operating in Ireland.


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