Ireland ‘ready’ for arrival of first allocated refugees

Ireland is ready to begin accepting its allocation of refugees under the EU’s relocation plan by the end of this year, but challenges still remain in building up capacity at the EU “hot spot” areas where migrants are arriving, the Minister for Justice has said.

Speaking at the headquarters of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) office inMalta on Thursday, Frances Fitzgerald said that Ireland intended to accept 20 refugees by December, part of a broader commitment to accept 4,000 refugees in total.

“We’re certainly ready to begin to take people in Ireland, we have the organisation in place, we have the accommodation . . . hopefully we will see the first people arriving in Ireland by the end of the year”. But she added that the broader issue of capacity-building at the EU locations where migrants are received and registered remains an issue.

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One Response to Ireland ‘ready’ for arrival of first allocated refugees

  1. neofenian says:

    “We have the accommodation” she says, then why are there approximately 5,000 people homeless in Ireland. FG/Lab not interested in welfare of Irish nationals.


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