Government is ignoring ISIS recruitment in Ireland says top Muslim cleric

Top Muslim cleric and head of the Irish Peace and Integration council, Shaykh Dr Muhammad Umar Al-Qadri has hit out at the Irish Government for ignoring the fight to stop ISIS recruitment in Ireland.

Dr Al-Qadri, who says that 30 teenagers have left Ireland to fight in Syria so far, is warning that more will go as Irish youths are embracing ISIS.

“These children are mostly radicalised on social media. Parents have come to me and said they are worried that their kids are using social media and the internet. They say, ‘What can I do’ and ask me to speak with their children about the dangers of joining these groups,” he said.

The Irish Peace and Integration council, has stepped up their efforts to tackle radicalisation, but Dr Al-Qadri, says their efforts have been ignored by Government leaders here.

“I think the Government has failed in identifying partners within the Muslim community and working with those within the community who are trying to prevent radicalisation here.

“We’ve had other European governments that are interested in our work but the Irish Government hasn’t even tried to contact us with his shocking,” said the cleric.

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