European Commissioner believes 60% of refugees are economic migrants

During an interview with Dutch Broadcasting Foundation (NOS) European Commissioner Frans Timmermans stated that more than half of the refugees traveling to Europe are economic migrants. He believes that a lot of the migrants are traveling from countries that are not effected by war, mostly North African countries.

“It concerns 60 percent of the refugees,” states Timmermans. These are people where you can conclude that they have no real reason to request asylum.” He believes that most of these people are originally from Morocco and Tunisia, who are reaching Europe by traveling through Turkey. Timmermans bases his statements around data collected by Fontex, the European border control agency.

The European Commissioner believes that these “economic refugees” need to be sent back as soon as possible. “In order to keep the support system in place for asylum seekers you must put these people out as soon as possible.”

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