PEGIDA in Europe: Irish leader hospitalised; French General Arrested

The PEGIDA demonstration against political Islam passed off peacefully in both Birmingham, England and Canberra, Australia yesterday, but other meetings in Europe were met with scenes of violence. The leader of PEGIDA Ireland was hospitalised with injuries, while in Calais a former Foreign Legion General was arrested and charged with taking part in a banned protest.

PEGIDA’s march in Dublin had to be called off and the demonstrators removed from the city for their own safety after a barrage of violent left wing demonstrators, many flying socialist flags, turned out to meet them.

Violent scuffles broke out between gardaí (police) dressed in riot gear and leftist crowds chanting “Off our streets Nazi scum,” while on O’Connell street a group of about ten young men, some of whom look to be teenagers were chased down the street by a large gang of leftists chanting “fascist scum”. It is not known whether the group of young men were actually Pegida demonstators.

The leader of PEGIDA Ireland, Peter O’Loughlin, was hospitalised due to injuries sustained in an attack by left wingers.

Dublin Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan was present at the counter-demonstration, where she told the crowd “We must also be extremely vigilant to the insidious creeping of racist policy into the mainstream.

People Before Profit, the Workers Solidarity Movement and Irish Muslim organisations were also part of the counter-demonstration, the Irish Times has reported.

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