State claims contradictions in Isil suspect’s account of torture

A number of “inconsistencies and contradictions” were found in the story of a suspected Isil activist who the State is trying to deport, the High Court has heard.

The man is seeking to block his deportation to Jordan, claiming he has been the victim of horrific torture there in the past at the hands of security services in the 1990s.

However, lawyers for the State say the man never told Irish authorities about the alleged torture when he first came to Ireland in 2000.

Conor Power SC said there was no mention of it in an asylum application he made at the time.

The torture claims were only made after Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald informed the man last year that the State proposed to deport him in the interests of national security.

It was alleged by the man that he was tortured with electric shocks, had his fingernails squeezed, and was subject to falanga, the whipping or beating of the soles of the feet.

The man, who is of Palestinian origin but cannot be identified, fears he will be subjected to this treatment again if deported to Jordan.

Mr Power told Mr Justice Richard Humphreys that details of the alleged mistreatment first emerged last year in a report compiled by the Spirasi Centre, a support organisation for survivors of torture.

The barrister said the man’s account of how he came to Ireland differed greatly between his asylum application and the Spirasi report.

In his asylum application, he claimed he travelled to Ireland directly from Jordan in 2000.

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2 Responses to State claims contradictions in Isil suspect’s account of torture

  1. neofenian says:

    He lied and he’s suspected of aiding terrorists, so deport him !


  2. kerberos616 says:

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


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