Angela Merkel slams countries closing borders to migrants

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has renewed her criticism of moves by other European countries to shut borders to migrants, which she said will not create a sustainable solution.

Austria’s decision to impose a cap on refugee numbers set off a chain of border closures that shut the Balkan route used by migrants to trek to central Europe.

Mrs Merkel said: “This unilateral decision by Austria and subsequently by the Balkan countries on one hand brings us fewer refugees, but on the other hand puts Greece in a very difficult situation. And this situation is not durable and sustainable.”

She added: “The problem is not solved by one (country) making a decision; it must be a decision that is right for all 28.”

Her criticism came as the European Union said 23 of its member countries must start taking 6,000 refugees each month from Greece and Italy to ease Europe’s migrant burden.

EU nations committed in September to relocate 160,000 refugees from Greece and Italy over two years to ease their burden, but seven months on fewer than 900 people have actually been shared.

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