Just two asylum seeking students get grants for third-level accessibility

Only two asylum-seeking students have benefited from a scheme aimed at making third-level education accessible for those already living here long term.

The Department of Education received 39 applications for student supports under the scheme announced last August.

At the time, then education minister Jan O’Sullivan said a relatively small number of students who are seeking asylum, including those in direct provision, are excluded from going to college each year, primarily because they are considered in the same way as non-EU students with fees of around €15,0000 per year.

It was acknowledged that the numbers likely to benefit would be low. They would be entitled to the same access as Irish students to free tuition and, subject to being within the family income thresholds, for eligibility for grants.

But a brief on the scheme given to Education Minister Richard Bruton reveals that only two of those who applied were successful through the pilot scheme.

With more than 20 students who sat the Leaving Certificate last year believed to have been living in direct provision, the 39 applications was in line with expectations.

The low success rate is likely to be considered in a review of the scheme taking place this year. Around 30 to 40 students who are in the asylum-seeking process are expected to sit the Leaving Certificate each of the next few years.


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One Response to Just two asylum seeking students get grants for third-level accessibility

  1. neofenian says:

    If they’re asylum seekers then how do they know they will be here long enough to complete their course. Is this a way to prolong their stay or do they mean refugees instead of asylum seekers. Either way, free education should be available to Irish nationals only.


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