Campaign to help Syrians bring their families to Ireland

Immigrant group Nasc hold a silent solidarity walk through Cork city on Sunday to mark World Refugee Day: Pictured are Nisreen Youssef (red) with her son Carlos, mother Dalal, sister Rather and Amjad Shad. Photograph: Michael MacSweeney/Provision

A campaign group supporting Syrians who have relocated to Ireland is urging the Government to introduce a new scheme to allow family members join them here.

Cork’s immigrant support group Nasc says the Government should introduce a scheme based on the 2014 Syrian Humanitarian Admission Programme (Shap) under which 103 visas were issued to Syrians hoping to join family in Ireland.

Nasc chief executive Fiona Finn said the proposed “Safe Passage” scheme would allow people to “bypass the use of traffickers and smugglers and the reliance on dangerous boat crossing, providing a safe and legal channel for Syrians to join their loved ones here in Ireland.

“It is a perfect complement to the ongoing Refugee Protection Programme and, through a sponsorship mechanism, will not place any additional burden on the Irish Government. ”

Under the scheme,Irish citizens, private organisations, religious organisations, NGOs and community groups would be able to provide financial backing to Syrian residents who do not have the financial resources to apply for reunification.

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One Response to Campaign to help Syrians bring their families to Ireland

  1. neofenian says:

    NASC – Making money from the plight of the refugees ?


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