Government gets Irish flag removed from anti ISIS coalition website

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The Government contacted the United States military last week about the use of an Irish Tricolour on the website of the US-led military campaign against Islamic State.

The flag was one of more than 60 that appeared alongside images of fighter jets and battlefield scenes on the homepage of Operation Inherent Resolve, the US military’s name for the military intervention against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Responding to a query from The Irish Times, the Department of Foreign Affairs said Ireland “has not and will not” participate in international military action against Isis. “Our flag should not be used in this context and we are following up,” a spokesman said. The flag was removed within five days.

Ireland belongs to a coalition of 67 states formed in September 2014 to coordinate work on a number of fronts, including military operations, halting the flow of foreign fighters, cutting off Islamic State’s access to funding and providing humanitarian relief. Members are not expected to contribute to all aspects, a Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman said.

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2 Responses to Government gets Irish flag removed from anti ISIS coalition website

  1. neofenian says:

    There must be evidence of Ireland being a target for Islamic terrorism.


    • William McCoy says:

      Wake up Ireland! Unless your country plans on submitting to Islam, you are a target! Just because you have yet to be targeted doesn’t mean you won’t! Islam will not rest until it conquer the world!

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