Roma gypsy robbed elderly woman of her Christmas savings

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A woman robbed an 83-year-old lady of €1,250 after snatching her purse when she left a local butcher shop two days before Christmas.

Mum-of-three Monica Rostas appeared before Letterkenny District Court charged with robbing Bridget McElcar in Ballybofey, Co Donegal.

Rostas, 28, spotted Mrs McElcar coming out of the shop and shoved a Big Issue magazine into her face and then snatched her purse at 1pm in the afternoon.

Mrs McElcar, who has since died, managed to get the purse back but the money from the purse was missing.

Garda Inspector Michael Harrison told the court that he believed another woman involved in the robbery at Chestnut Grove, Ballybofey managed to receive the money before fleeing.

He added that Rostas, of Glenfinn Road, Ballybofey, had been threatening and abusive towards the pensioner who was vulnerable and scared.

Barrister for Ms Rostas, Gareth McGrory, said his client admitted it was an act of “immense stupidity” which she pleaded guilty to.

He said his client had gather €2,000 from her uncle and she was prepared to provide compensation to Mrs McElcar’s family.

Judge Paul Kelly described the incident as “a despicable crime.”

He sentenced Rostas to four months in prison but suspended it for 12 months on her own cash bond of €500.

He also ordered that €1,500 of the cash lodged in court be handed over to the late Mrs McElcar’s family.

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One Response to Roma gypsy robbed elderly woman of her Christmas savings

  1. neofenian says:

    Scum, should be sent to Syria to join Islamic State so the Muslims can stone her to death.


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