Council believes Muslims need more media coverage

Muslims are not well represented in the media, according to the Immigrant Council of Ireland.

Islam is the fastest growing religious minority in Ireland, with more than 50,000 Muslims living here.

Muslims are also being urged to make complaints when they are negatively portrayed in the Irish media.

Raneem Salah has enjoyed living in Ireland for six years, but admits some peers have had bad experiences.

She said: “I’ve heard of people being targeted because of their faith or because they are wearing their head scarves.

“I’ve seen abuse hurled at them or their hijab being pulled off them on Dublin buses. It’s really sad.”

Raneem, a medical student at UCD says discrimination is compounded by the absence of Muslims in the media.

She said: “I think it’s really important that we put ourselves out there to give people a positive image, because people just don’t know generally about Muslims and what Islam is all about.

“So they just see what image that perpetuates to them and they associate Islam with hate or terror.”

As of the 2011 census there were 50,000 Muslims living in Ireland, that is twice the number of Presbyterians.

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One Response to Council believes Muslims need more media coverage

  1. Bro Jeff says:

    I have espoused for two decades from behind the pulpits of American churches, “Death to the ragheaded Muslim and their Moon God -Allah, And death to the dirty, filthy, rotten, Jew!! Christ tells us through John’s Apocalypse, the Revelation…the modern Jew is the Synagoge of Satan. These mongrels, Babylonians and Khazars have tried to usurp the inheritance of Judah through lies and deceit. Their father Satan has given control over media outlets, International Banking, and through their Jewish agenda, they accomplished in the United Nations the passing of Agenda 21, which the first tenant is to Reduce the Global population to only 500 million “Jewish Souls”, that means Mass Genocide against White Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Kindred peoples of Europe and the Western nations!! These Imposters would kill us and steal out heritage. It was not Hitler who ordered the murdering of the dirty, filthy Jew in Germany and Poland, it was Heinrich Himmler, who used the Jews for forced labor because the majority were unemployed. Then those who would not swear an Oath to Germany were lined up and shot in the head by Himmler. Funny thing about the Holocaust, after killing 6,000,000 Jews in Europe in WW2,…the 1949 Census in German showed an increase from 12 million Jews to just over 16 million Jews!! Most of which have since left Germany and now pollute the western civilizations of the world.


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