Irishman dies carrying out suicide attack for Isis near Mosul

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Terence Kelly from the Liberties said he wanted ‘black flag of Islam’ over Dáil Éireann.

An Irishman once arrested for making death threats against US president Barack Obama has died after carrying out an Islamic State suicide bombing in Iraq, according to the jihadist group.

Terence Kelly (49), a former nurse from the Liberties in Dublin, was also known as “Taliban Terry” or “Khalid Kelly”. His death has been reported by various IS media outlets, including its Amaq news agency, as well as through social networks.

A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs told The Irish Times it was “aware of media reports concerning an Irish citizen in Iraq” and that it is “seeking to clarify the situation”.

Islamic State has claimed Mr Kelly, who it referred to as Abu Osama Irelandi, was killed after he drove an armoured truck full of explosives at an Iraqi militia group outside the Iraqi city of Mosul on Friday.

The group released a picture of Mr Kelly standing in front of a vehicle with a Kalashnikov rifle. Another picture purports to show the moment Kelly’s vehicle exploded.

Mr Kelly was arrested by gardaí in 2011 ahead of US president Barack Obama’s visit to the Republic. He was quoted as telling a newspaper that he expected Al Qaeda to kill Mr Obama during his visit.

Mr Kelly, who drew jeers from the audience during an appearance on the Late Late Show in 2003, was a former Catholic altar boy before converting to Islam while imprisoned in Saudi Arabia in 2000 for selling illegal alcohol.

During his appearance on RTE, Mr Kelly, dressed in black and grey robes and accompanied by a fellow member of British-based organisation al-Muhajiroun, defended the 9/11 attacks and claimed one day the world would be ruled by sharia law.

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