Medical Council inquiry opens into conduct of Cavan hospital migrant medic

Dr Salah Abdel-Aziz Ahmed, a consultant obstetrician leaves a fitness to practice enquiry by the medical council at Finnstown House in Lucan. Picture credit: Damien Eagers

A Medical Council inquiry has begun into allegations against a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Cavan General Hospital, relating to three women and childbirth.

Dr Salah Aziz Ahmed is facing allegations of professional misconduct and poor professional performance.

The three cases relate to events between November 2012 and April 2014 at the hospital.

Two of the three patients are not being named.

In the case of Patient 3, it is alleged that on 26 April 2014, Dr Aziz failed to attend Cavan General to assess the patient within an adequate time frame.

It is alleged he failed to diagnose in a timely manner, that a catastrophic event in utero had, or was occurring, which required an urgent Caesarean section.

It is also alleged Dr Aziz directed that the monitoring of Baby 3’s foetal heartbeat be discontinued and that he failed to keep adequate medical records.

In the case of Patient 1, it is alleged that on 22 November 2012, Dr Aziz engaged in prolonged attempts at an operative vaginal delivery in inappropriate circumstances and that he failed to proceed to C-section with speed.

In relation to Patient 2, Deirdre Clarke has agreed to be identified.

It is alleged that between September 2012-June 2013, Dr Aziz failed to adequately counsel Ms Clarke of the risks of a vaginal birth, after a C-section.

It is also alleged he failed to cooperate with Cavan General’s efforts to conduct a review of the case.

The inquiry is due to last ten days and is to be held in three modules, dealing with each of the three cases.


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