Should taxi drivers here have to take an English language test?

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A new questionnaire is being posed by the National Transport Authority as part of its review of how drivers should be licensed to work in the industry.

A NEW QUESTIONNAIRE is asking the public what requirements should be in place for a person to qualify as a taxi driver in Ireland.

The National Transport Authority is running the questionnaire, which can be viewed here.

One of the questions posed is whether or not the public believes that aspiring taxi drivers should have to prove competency in English before receiving their licence via a “practical language test”.

Other questions on the 17-point document include:

  • Should a specific test be in place for those wishing to drive taxis or other small public service vehicles (SPSVs)?
  • Should knowledge of geographic location be tested?
  • Should there be a module on professional customer service as part of any module on professional customer service?
  • Is there a need for continuous professional development (CPD) as part of any test?
  • Is a dress code necessary for taxi drivers?

The questionnaire is live for public submissions until Wednesday 30 November.

It’s understood that the NTA is undertaking the review of taxi licensing due to a significant fall in taxi driver numbers since the introduction of a SPSV “knowledge test” as part of the taxi application process in 2009.



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One Response to Should taxi drivers here have to take an English language test?

  1. neofenian says:

    Of course they should.


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