Iranian’s hunger strike saves him from deportation

A threat of deportation against an Iranian man who has been on hunger strike for 35 days has been lifted, Government sources have said.

The apparent breakthrough in the case occured last night as more than 100 people took part in a candlelit vigil outside Globe House, the direct provision centre in Sligo where Amjad Rosstami, 44, is staying.

Sources close to the Department of Justice said that the threat of deportation had been lifted , and Mr Rosstami, who came to Ireland from Britain, was now free to apply for asylum in this country . He had feared that, if sent back to the UK, he would be deported to Iran.

Mr Rosstami’s condition deteriorated rapidly since the weekend, when he stopped taking liquids, and fears for his safety were growing.

Last night, supporters said Mr Rosstami would not call off the hunger strike until he gets confirmation in writing that the threat of deportation has been lifted. Department officials were due to make contact with him last night.

“This man has children. He is on hunger strike as a last resort,” said Tara Baoth Mooney, who was part of the vigil at Globe House.

Earlier, Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald was urged to review the case.

Campaigners for Mr Rosstami say he has been on hunger strike for more than 35 days, since “he received a deportation order from the Minister for Justice last month”.

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