National Party leader espouses creation of ‘Catholic republic’

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A former activist with the militant anti-abortion group Youth Defence,  Justin Barrett is best remembered for his role in the defeat of the Nice Treaty referendum in 2001.

He is described as the president of the National Party, whose nine principles espouse a nationalist, anti-abortion, anti-EU, anti-immigration platform.

The themes will be familiar to anyone who has followed Barrett’s political career. In 1998, he published a book entitled The National Way Forward! which comprised many of the elements of a political manifesto.

He espoused the creation of a “Catholic Republic”, where immigration would be greatly restricted (an “Irish Ireland”), divorce and abortion banned, and patriotism elevated to the highest of public virtues.

Unrestricted immigration, he warned, would change “the whole nature of the country – not merely ethnically, but culturally, socially, politically, religiously and otherwise”.

He predicted an economic crash, though not for the reasons that eventually brought one, and said it should prompt a return for “the most basic values, true for all times and all places -– Faith, Family and Nation”.

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