Muslim who attacked worshipper with knife at Dublin mosque avoids jail

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, where Shoaib Hamid pleaded guilty to attacking a man outside of a mosque.

A man who attacked a fellow Muslim with a knife in a dispute over prayer etiquette has avoided a prison sentence.

Shoaib Hamid said he was extremely remorseful and suggested his temper may have been shorter than usual that day because he was fasting for Ramadan. He has since apologised to his imam and now attends a different mosque.

Hamid (44) of Castlegate Grange, Adamstown, Co Dublin, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assault causing harm to his victim on June 19th, 2015 outside the mosque in Fonthill Retail Park.

Garda Theo Barber told the court that an elderly man had entered the mosque and walked in front of someone who was praying. The court heard it was considered an serious breach of etiquette and manners to walk in front of someone during prayer.

Hamid had seen this and began berating the older man. Another man then intervened and told Hamid not to be so disrespectful. There was a brief argument before the imam told them to stop.

The man went to follow Hamid outside but he was stopped by others, who told him not to get involved. However, when he left 15 minutes Hamid was waiting for him.

Hamid asked him what his problem was before punching him in the head. The victim then felt something sharp hitting him on the back of his head. He realised he was bleeding and that Hamid had hit him with a carpet knife.

The judge imposed 2½ year sentence, which she suspended in full.

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One Response to Muslim who attacked worshipper with knife at Dublin mosque avoids jail

  1. neofenian says:

    These Muslims can’t be integrated.


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