Irish jails home to prisoners of 66 nationalities

 In some cases, employees with certain language proficiencies provide an informal interpreter or translation service for inmates who do not speak English. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Some 66 nationalities are represented in Irish jails with Polish, Lithuanian, British and Romanian men forming the largest ethnic groupings after Irish inmates.

Records from the Irish Prison Service (IPS) show 3,516 men, including 441 non-nationals, were incarcerated at the end of September.

A total of 77 Polish, 66 Lithuanian, 63 British, 49 Romanian and 18 Latvian men were inmates in Irish institutions, with Nigerian, Brazilian, Chinese, and Czech nationals also significantly represented.

Of the 3,650 people in custody in the State earlier this year, 134 were women, according to data released by the IPS under the Freedom of Information Act.

A total of 110 women in female detention centres in Dublin and Limerick were from Ireland, while British, Polish, Romanian, and Lithuanian women formed the largest non-Irish groupings.

The IPS said it spent €63,513 on interpreter services from the start of 2013 to the end of last September.

From January to September this year, it has paid €12,102 for such communication services and has been using the translation and interpreting company, Context.

Figures from the IPS also indicate that its prison staff are from 15 different countries of origin.

Four Nigerian, four Romanian, three British, two Lithuanian and two Polish staff work in IPS institutions, along with members from China, Denmark, Holland, France, Germany and South Africa.

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