Iranian Kurd jailed for stabbing fellow immigrant


Anvar Ghambari

A man who stabbed a family acquaintance with a metal object during the school run has been jailed until Christmas week when a judge will sentence him.

Anvar Ghambari (39) attacked the victim in the school yard when both men were dropping their sons off in the morning. He wanted to confront the victim about comments he had allegedly made about his wife to mutual friends.

He stabbed his victim four times around the head and also punched and kicked him. The court heard that school children who witnessed the attack were frightened and crying.

Ghambari of Cushlawn Way, Tallaght, Dublin pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to Majid Suhrabi at St. Melroon’s school, Tallaght on March 1, 2016.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that Ghambari did not come armed to the incident but he pulled a metal stabiliser from a children’s bicycle during the attack. The metal bar had a serrated edge.

Ghambari was shouting “I’m going to kill you, I swear to god, I’m going to kill you” while he stabbed the back of the victim’s head. Afterwards he walked out of the school yard.

The victim still suffers from memory loss and forgets little things, the court heard. Both he and Ghambari were asked not to bring their sons to school in case of a repeat incident and Mr Suhrabi said that he missed this accompanying his son.


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