Reports of racism in Ireland on the increase, say pro immigrant group

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Threats to kill and assaults are included in reports of racist incidents which have increased “significantly”.

The Irish wing of the European Network Against Racism [ENAR]  has warned that unless national action is taken Ireland faces “sleepwalking into an Irish Trump or Brexit scenario”.

The group’s online system offers people a chance to log racist incidents, an increase of reports may suggest people are reporting more often, as opposed to an increase in incidents overall.

In one of the incidents reported via iReport, a woman described being accosted by a man on her way to work:

“I was on my way to work when a man swing a folded newspaper at me hitting me and called me a ‘f***ing black woman’. I was in shock,” one woman reported.

In another a woman’s next door neighbours “came onto my property shouting that his partner was going to kill me, he was going to kill me, calling me a ‘foreign b*stard’ and a ‘dirty foreign b*tch’.

Children were also included in these worrying incidents including one 10-year-old boy who was told by another boy he was “going to be shot”. Other children had been sprayed with bleach.

A total of 150 incidents were reported to iReport between January and June of this year, 22 of these were assaults.

Verbal abuse was reported in 79 cases.

In one instance a Traveller alleged a councillor was among those who abused him and his family as they requested a housing transfer.

“He said to me ‘I’m telling you straight to your face, I have 220 people waiting to be houses and if I was a housing officer you wouldn’t get a house [in this area]. Bringing in the likes of dirt like you and I have 220 people waiting to be housed. Why would I help you?’,” the report reads.

The report also notes the presence of alcohol and drugs when incidents took place.

One report stated that a person “approached a girl of Arab descent shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

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