Pro migrant group criticise Gov integration plan

Frances Fitzgerald: ‘Irish society faces considerable risks if integration is not supported by Government, by communities and individuals.’ Photograph: Cyril Byrne

A national action plan against racism is “vital” if Ireland is to avoid “sleep walking into a racist and segregated society,” a prominent expert on the issue has warned.

Shane O’Curry, director of the European Network Against Racism Ireland, was speaking following the publication on Tuesday of a new Government strategy on integration.

The Migrant Integration Strategy, described as a “blueprint for the future” commits to 76 actions across Government, including that school enrolment policies will be monitored to ensure they are not discriminating against ethnic minorities, while local authorities are to be mandated to “reach out” to hard-to-reach migrant groups.

Mr O’Curry said the strategy was “welcome and a step in the right direction” but it was not sufficient to ensure wariness of new communities did not turn into hostility. “I see this strategy as an opportunity to start a conversation with the Department and civil society about what an action plan against racism might look like for the next five years. This would bring us into line with international best practise.”

Tánaiste and Minister for Justice, Frances Fitzgerald, publishing the strategy, said it would be “the first step towards realising the long-term vision of Ireland as a society in which migrants . . . play active roles in communities, workplaces and politics,” she said.

“Irish society faces considerable risks if integration is not supported by Government, by communities and individuals,” she said. Among the risks would be the loss of the contribution migrants can make, reduced opportunities for migrants and their families, ghettoisation and the fragmentation of shared social norms.”

Integration had become “increasingly complex” she said. “While the recent focus has been on the refugees coming to Ireland under the Irish Refugee Protection Programme, many migrants are now well-established in Ireland and have been here for some time. Every migrant and migrant family has their own story of how they came here, why they came here and how they see Ireland. The strategy needs to be sufficiently flexible to encompass all of this.”

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One Response to Pro migrant group criticise Gov integration plan

  1. neofenian says:

    Some poor whiney Pole has to take a job below her qualifications. Fuck off back to Poland you’re not wanted here.


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