Calais child refugees coming to Ireland were all refused entry to UK

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The Government has been advised that there is a significant risk that some of the 40 child refugees being relocated to Ireland from migrant camps in France may try to flee to the UK.

The advice to the Minister for Children came from Tusla and officials in the Department of Justice.

Internal government documents, obtained by RTÉ News, show ministers were also warned that many refugees presenting as children may actually be adults.

Tusla said if children who come to Ireland attempt to flee to the UK, they will be at an increased risk of trafficking or exploitation.

Concerns have also been raised about how the UK may react.

Forty unaccompanied minors who were living in an unofficial camp in Calais are to be accommodated in Ireland in the coming weeks, after a Dáil motion was passed last year raising concerns for their safety.

It will cost around €8m to accommodate 40 young people for a full year.

All of them are boys aged 13 to 17, and government documents show that all of them were refused entry to the UK.

Tusla, the Child and Family Agency, prepared a briefing note for the Government examining the risks associated with the move.

It said there is a “significant risk of flight once they have arrived in Ireland”.

It warned that “Tusla has limited capacity to respond to the trauma of the young persons presenting” and said there is a high risk that “a number of those presenting will be adults”.

French officials estimate that around 20% of those staying at migrants camps in France and claiming to be children are actually adults.


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One Response to Calais child refugees coming to Ireland were all refused entry to UK

  1. neofenian says:

    UK refused them entry for a reason.


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