Islamic terrorist secured asylum in Ireland

Photo: AP

An Islamic terrorist secured asylum in Ireland after duping authorities here about his background.

Details of his activities, outlined in submissions made to the High Court, have raised serious concerns about the adequacy of screening processes used here in the past.

After being accepted as a refugee in Ireland, the man travelled to France where he was arrested and imprisoned for his involvement in a plot to commit acts of terrorism in several countries across Europe.

He is currently in an Irish jail serving a sentence for possession of forged Belgian identity papers, but is due to be released on Friday.

The man was arrested in possession of the false ID and about €2,700 in cash at Dublin Airport last October attempting to board a flight to Athens.

The 53-year-old, whose name and country of origin cannot be disclosed for legal reasons, faces being expelled from Ireland when his sentence is completed after failing in a High Court bid to overturn a deportation order.

Leave to appeal that decision was sought by the man’s lawyers yesterday. A stay has been put on the deportation until a decision is taken on whether the case can go to the Court of Appeal.

But the stay does not preclude gardaí from arresting him when he is released from prison.

The case has again brought into sharp focus fears about the extent to which Islamic extremists are using Ireland as a base for activities elsewhere.

If the man is deported, he will be the second Islamic terror suspect expelled from the country in the past nine months.

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