Large increase in the number of race hate crimes in Ireland

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There has been a surge in the number of people reporting that they were the victims of racist abuse and threats, according to latest data.

The figures, compiled by European Network Against Racism Ireland (ENAR Ireland), “represent a much higher level of reporting than the previous six-month period, and a significantly higher level than all previously recorded periods” according to report author Dr Lucy Michael of Ulster University.

The report also charted increased levels of racist criminal offences including violence, and threats to kill or cause serious injury.

The report was made by Dr Michael from the information on racist incidents submitted to the racist incident reporting website. The data revealed the highest levels yet of incident reporting, up to 246 from 190 for the previous period, with at least 155 of these being in the category of criminal offences.

Michael’s study showed that continuing low levels of confidence in gardaí among victims. She wrote: “The high number of reports that indicate that the incidents are part of an ongoing pattern of racism, particularly those which have escalated to violence over a period of time, demonstrate that garda efforts to tackle racism before it escalates needs to improve.”

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One Response to Large increase in the number of race hate crimes in Ireland

  1. neofenian says:

    That’s to be expected with the large number of foreigners coming in, and the large number of foreign criminals. It shows that people don’t support mass immigration.


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