Deportation of Islamic terrorist delayed by courts

Gardaí informed the Department of Justice activities of the man and his associates are “of serious concern” and “contrary to the State’s security”.

The deportation of a convicted Islamic terrorist has been temporarily halted after the Supreme Court granted him leave to appeal.

The High Court had cleared the way for his deportation last Friday after hearing evidence the man raised money for jihadists and was a follower of al-Qa’ida.

However, his lawyers successfully argued yesterday in the Supreme Court that the case raised an issue of general public importance.

The matter will now return to the court on Thursday.

Both the name of the man and his country of origin are subject to reporting restrictions.

The 53-year-old gave a false name and lied about his background when he secured refugee status in Ireland in 2000. He claimed his parents and brother were killed by extremists.

It would later emerge he had convictions for terrorism and murder in his home country and had three life sentences and two death sentences hanging over him there.

A report compiled for Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald said he had been involved in an Islamist organisation whose aim was the introduction of sharia law.

He turned up in France in 2002 and was later convicted of terror offences there in a trial which heard he had been raising money for a major international terror network.

After serving that sentence he was returned to Ireland in 2009. His refugee status was revoked and he has been battling efforts to deport him since 2012.

A Supreme Court made up of Mr Justice Donal O’Donnell, Ms Justice Mary Laffoy and Mr Justice Peter Charleton heard the man was currently being held in Cloverhill Prison on foot of a deportation order.

He was brought to the prison last Friday within minutes of being released from the adjacent Wheatfield Prison, where he had just completed a six-month sentence for possession of a false Belgian passport.

The court heard the deportation order must be implemented within 56 days.

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