Garda Special Detective Unit carrying out surveillance operations on suspected ISIS threats

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Officers are aware of a number of business fronts they suspect are laundering money for Islamic State jihadists.

Members of the garda Special Detective Unit (SDU) are carrying out a number of surveillance operations on over 20 people they believe to be a potential threat to Ireland.

Most of those under investigation live on the south side of Dublin and in the capital’s inner city areas. However, members of the SDU are now working in areas of the south-east as well as in rural regions in Galway and Mayo.

Many of those who are being watched are known to be Islamic State sympathisers while some are suspected of laundering money through a number of legitimate looking businesses.

Only a handful would be on the radar for launching any sort of terror attack. Gardaí believe that an attack is unlikely on Ireland but that it is still possible. According to gardaí, it would more than likely come in the form of a ‘lone wolf’ style attack, something which is almost impossible to police.

There is no suggestion that any of those under investigation are recent refugees taken in from Syria. Some would be UK citizens or those with EU passports.

In the aftermath of the Sweden attack, Taoiseach Enda Kenny called a security meeting to address potential failings in our security system.

Kenny said the gardaí are monitoring a small number of individuals “who do not have this country’s interests at heart”.

The Taoiseach was answering questions in the Dáil late last month about what Ireland’s national emergency management plan is in the case of a terrorist attack or natural disaster.

In January, it emerged how an additional €55 million has been allocated to specifically address the threat of international terrorism.

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