Uncommon for illegal workers to be prosecuted

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A new report on illegal employment in Ireland has found that illegal non-EU workers are common in child and elderly care and the catering industry.

The ESRI published new research today examining the illegal employment of non-EU nationals in Ireland.

The report identified a range of negative outcomes from illegal employment including risks to fundamental worker’s rights, poor working conditions and non-payment of taxes.

Non-EU students, legally resident migrants and undocumented migrants were the main groups found to be working illegally. The report noted that many of the undocumented migrants entered the country legally and overstayed.

Non-EU nationals are not allowed to work in Ireland without an employment permit, unless their residence permit states otherwise. Non-EU students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during term time and 40 hours a week during holidays without the having to hold an employment permit.

It was found that work outside of these hours is still prevalent among the international student population despite efforts to eliminate the practice.

The new research draws on a study from the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MCRI) which found that almost all undocumented migrants surveyed were in employment, frequently in child and elderly care positions.

These workers can be vulnerable to exploitation as labour inspectors cannot visit private homes unannounced, severely restricting their ability to regulate this sector.

The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) found illegal employment to be most prevalent in the catering sector, including in fast food and takeaway restaurants.

The study also found that prosecutions under the Immigration Act for illegal employment are uncommon.

The WRC has the power to prosecute both employers and employees under employment law, but the focus is usually on the employer, who is given an opportunity to rectify the matter.


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One Response to Uncommon for illegal workers to be prosecuted

  1. neofenian says:

    Every illegal immigrant worker is stealing a job from an Irish national.


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